Food For The Soul – Here Are 7 Best Music Torrenting Sites

Last updated: August 6, 2021

Music is the soul food and what can you do when you don’t have the money or resources to buy your soul food? The answer is you torrent your favorite music. As an avid music listener, I have come across this specific problem a hundred times so I can relate to your desire to get your hands on the latest music. While searching for safe torrenting sites without the nuisance of ads, I came many that I hated and few I loved. Today, I am going to share with you the top 7 list of best music torrenting sites so you don’t have to struggle as much as I did, you are welcome.

A word of advice is needed here, though I can understand your need to listen to your favorite music, it is important to use a VPN so nobody can track your torrenting activities. Your safety and privacy are what matters the most so be wise and hide well. As if we talk about the VPN so, Usually Nord VPN is considered best among the best VPN for torrenting. But as an alternative you can also use Express VPN for torrenting. It’s also a good choice.  Now without further delay, let’s dive into the ocean of music and how you can get your hands on the latest ones.

1.      The Pirate Bay

Check any list of the best music torrenting sites, you will see ‘The Pirate Bay’ topping it and there is a specific reason for that. With its fast speed and low ad nuisance, it becomes one of the favorites of millions of torrent users. It is one of the most reliable options not only for torrenting music but also for torrenting games , movies and TV shows.

The Pirate Bay
Characteristics Feature Almost no ads
Monthly Visitors 24.3 Million
Options Songs, TV program, movies, games

2.      Torlock

What makes Torlock stand in the list of best music torrenting sites? It only lists verified torrents and you are spared from phony torrents which can waste your time or harm your computer. It also has a dedicated section to torrent music making it easier to find what you are looking for without wasting hours of labor work for clicking & checking every option.  Torlock also displays the size of the files making it easier for the users to get what they want.

Characteristics Feature Verified torrenting options
Monthly Visitors 3.4 Million
Options Songs, TV program, movies, games, anime, software

When it comes to the best music torrenting sites, 1337X has an edge over others. Can you guess what it is? Well, it’s being current and updating the result every single day which reflects that 1337X wants their users to enjoy the latest music. The simple UI makes it easier for the user to find what they are searching for. The files are categorized with type, date, name, and size so what are you waiting for?

Characteristic Feature Current and updated results
Monthly Visitors 71.2 Million
Options Song, movies, game, anime

The name of LimeTorrents is highly prestigious, it provides a verified one-click option to torrent download and that’s why it is ranked high on the list of best music torrenting sites. It also has a dedicated section for music, making your life easier. Apart from music, you can torrent games, software, and even eBooks.

Characteristic Feature One-click torrenting option
Monthly Visitors 17.1 Million
Options Song, movies, game, eBooks

If you are looking to download high-quality music, Music-Torrent should be your first choice. Being true to its name, this site is all about music. The files are sorted, labeled, and classified into their respective album. Music-Torrent also s you with the option to search music based on your preferred genre like Jazz, Rock, Classical, and Metal making in the list of best music torrenting sites.

Characteristic Feature Classification based on music genre
Monthly Visitors N/A
Options Music

Whenever you are searching for the best music torrenting sites, iDope will appear in the top 10 results. It is a search engine that does not track your browsing activity and provides you an option to torrent the latest music securely. It does not overwhelm you with pop-ups or useless ads making the experience to download music seamless and enjoyable. iDope is easier to understand as compared to other torrenting sites due to its simple interface.

Characteristic Feature Safe with no ads
Monthly Visitors 1.5 Million
Options Music, games, software, eBooks, anime

If you have no hesitation in sharing your email address, you can reap the benefits offered by RuTracker. Even though the site is not specific for hosting music files, it made its mark in the list of best music torrenting sites. A search bar provides you with instant access to millions of music files to torrent based on genre and other categories.
Characteristic Feature Search bar
Monthly Visitors 13 million registered users
Options Music, games, software, eBooks, anime

Even though now you have my list of best music torrenting sites, you have to make extra effort to be safe. It is always better to be safe and it is unwise to summon a court hearing over just listening to the music. Here the question is raised in mind that Is torrenting illegal or not? So, Whenever you even visit a torrenting site, make sure that you mask your IP through a VPN. In the majority of countries, torrenting is considered to be illegal and you can be penalized or charged for listening to, sharing, uploading, or downloading copyright music.

With this word of caution, I will leave you to the best music you can find and enjoy.

Happy torrenting!

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