Is Torrenting Illegal? The Answer is here!

Last updated: August 6, 2021

The answer to the question ‘is torrenting illegal?’ is not black or white, it comes under a grey area what you are trying to torrent.

In this era of entertainment and continuous advancement, you have millions of options to search for the answer you are looking for. Sometimes, the answers can be hard to get or protected by a person or a company. That’s where torrenting comes into action – getting the file you need without letting anyone know what you are looking for. Though it seems easy, there is an ethical concept involved in answering the question ‘is torrenting illegal’. If you are looking for a yes or no answer, torrenting isn’t illegal itself but the majority of the countries specify it as illegal due to the purpose it is often used for. We cannot give you a straight yes or no without getting into what torrenting is. Let’s this journey which will help you torrent safely without committing the crime of piracy.

What Is Torrenting?

Before knowing the legal status of torrenting , you need to know in actual What Torrenting is? So, Torrent is the word used to refer to the files that have been shared through a peer-to-peer, decentralized network. It allows the user to share the file without uploading them to the server first. Torrenting is not depending upon a centralized network rather it shares the smaller files directly from the computer of the peers to the network known as a swarm. The uploaders are known are seeders while the downloaders are referred to as leechers.

Is Torrenting Illegal Or Legal?

Is Torrenting illegal

The simple answer to this question that”Is Torrenting Illegal or Legal?” is  depends on what you are sharing or downloading. Torrenting is one of the best means to reduce the workload on the main server as the users are sharing and downloading their files individually. In the majority of the cases, the material which is being shared is copyrighted and when you are downloading it, you are getting involved in piracy which is a crime. In this scenario you need to know complete details about how does torrenting work so you will be far away from piracy.

Tips To Safe Torrenting

is torrent safe 01

We are not here to promote or condone torrenting but to explain to the readers what to expect & how to answer ‘is torrenting illegal’. As torrenting is mainly used to obtain copyright material, you can never be too safe. As the majority of the users are focused on downloading the latest movies, games, shows and music without paying for them – you can be prosecuted under copyright law. Considering the intention of the user, most countries call torrenting downright illegal and you can be punished for breaking the law But in actual Torrenting is not illegal( as we have example of Germany).

Here are a few tips  that can come between you and the prison bar.

1.      VPN Is Your Friend

There is no advice more important than this one. Protect yourself from being tracked, no one needs to know your IP, not even your internet service provider (ISP). As we don’t have Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, using a VPN that can hide you well is the best alternative.

One of the most important tips you need to focus on is – you can never be too safe. Rather than providing your browsing history to everyone, you can simply use a VPN for torrenting that doesn’t record your browsing history data. A VPN can not only mask your IP address, it will also mask your history from the nosy ones. For this  you can use Windscribe VPN for safe torrenting. It will be a smarter choice.

2.      Know Your Rights

If your IP address was caught torrenting copyright material, you have to know what the next course of action is. Normally users get a warning and lower internet speed, followed by a settlement letter from copyright trolls. Threat and humiliation are the weapon of choice for the copyright trolls, if they don’t know your identification, don’t answer the letter. It is highly unlikely that you have to go the court or pay the settlement for being a torrent user but ask yourself the same question over & over again ‘is torrenting illegal’ in your country.  Don’t heed the humiliation or warning and use a VPN.

3.      Is Torrenting Illegal In Your Country?

Copyright law differs from country to country and so is the punishment. It is essential to be prepared for the worst. Know what activities come under the heading of legal and is torrenting illegal in your country. The same boring but useful advice will be using a VPN. If they don’t know you, you cannot be prosecuted – simple

4.      What Can Go Wrong?

Many things if you are not using a VPN, whether it is paid or free VPN. You can be penalized by your ISP by throttling your internet or a warning to deliver your identification to the copyright trolls. You can receive a settlement letter or a court notice. There are various possible problems but as long as torrent anonymously, no one would be any wiser.

5.      Be Patient & Act Smartly

There is a time and place for everything and there is certainly a time for downloading a recent hit – it’s not the next day of the release. Do not download movies during the first 60 days of their release as it is the time most of the profit and copyright holders will hunt you like a bloodhound without asking the question ‘is torrenting illegal’. Be patient and let the owner reap the profit of their product, after that it becomes easier to torrent your favorite blockbuster.

You need to be very careful if you torrent files, consider the law of the land, research ‘is torrenting illegal’ along with your country name, and always use a VPN to torrent the files you want. Rather than going through the tedious process of accusation, settlement, and copyright laws – it is better to avoid unnecessary exertion through the use of services that can help you mask your IP address. Be invisible, don’t leave any tracks to follow, and buy copyright material whenever you can.

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