Windscribe Torrenting – Step Towards Safer Torrenting

Last updated: August 6, 2021

When you open your internet explorer, you can never be sure who is monitoring or tracking your browsing activities. It can be your ISP provider, government, companies that want to sell their product just as nosy as them. To protect your privacy and step towards safe torrenting, you can utilize is to use a VPN. If there is a VPN that can block malware, ads, phishing websites, and explicit content along with doing its regular job? Without further delay, let me introduce you to ‘Windscribe torrenting’ – the best option that can mask your identity, identify malware, and block them. Windscribe torrenting not only protects you but also protects your system from the harm caused by malware in the virus.

Windscribe VPN

A Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN service that is perfectly suitable for torrenting. It is regarded as one of the fastest VPN based on the comparison with other famous VPNs. What makes Windscribe one of the favorite VPN among millions of users? It uses a firewall that can prevent possible leaks outside the encrypted tunnel. The cookie point in case is that Windscribe does not store any logs that can be used to identify the user or their activities.

Windscribe Torrenting A Windscribe is a Canada-based VPN

Desirable Features

  • Does not log your activity
  • Protect and hide you completely
  • Fastest speed
  • Accept Bitcoin Payment

Windscribe Torrenting – The Basics

A Windscribe is a VPN provider that can help you mask your IP along with blocking phishing websites and malware. The service boasts VPN servers in other 63 countries which allow them to support multiple VPN protocols. It caters to the needs of Android, Linus, iOS, Windows phone, and macOS users making it one of the most adaptable VPN. The VPN services include server-side blocking free VPN service, security software, and browser extensions.

Why Windscribe Torrenting Is Safer?

Why Windscribe Torrenting Is Safer?

The best investment you can make in terms of protecting your online privacy – Windscribe is the way to go. When we tell you that it’s better than the competitors, it’s not a boastful claim. Multiple features make Windscribe torrenting safer.

  1. Even though the service is located in Canada, the logging policy followed by Windscribe makes it the safest option to torrent whatever you want.
  2. Windscribe is equipped with t built-in Firewall which is one of the most protective features. If remains enable, it can prevent any leaks out of the encrypted tunnel.
  3. Windscribe torrenting allows 84.8 Mbps on a 100 Mbps connection which is an admirable feat in itself proving that you are one step ahead of everyone.
  4. As it is one of the fastest VPN we can found, it works remarkably with Netflix.
  5. Windscribe torrenting offers a SOCKS5 proxy which is directly linked with improving your torrenting speed.
  6. It uses AES-256 as the encryption method and multiple keys for authentication including 4096-RSA and SHA512.
  7. Windscribe uses the safest protocol including IKEv2 and OpenVPN which make the transfer of the information safe.

Windscribe Torrenting – A Smarter Choice

Windscribe Torrenting – A Smarter Choice

If you are looking for a VPN option that can support multiple devices at the same time – try Windscribe. It is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. The website offers step-by-step assistance to the users so they can be sure how to protect themselves online. In the case of a mobile phone, an app is available which install the configuration profile directly to your phone. Once installed you can either opt for the free version or the premium. The free version limits you to 10 countries and provides 10 GB of data every month and there is no trial period.

Free Or Premium – Which One To Choose?

If you looking for a cheaper potion of VPN service, you can go for the free version of Windscribe. It does not have a trial period and allow 10 GB of monthly data. If you want to enjoy the feature Windscribe is famous for, go for the premium version Also you can enjoy Windscibe with free VPNs. It allows you access to the server in over 60 countries with no data or device limit. Making it the smarter choice as compared to the free version.


Torrent To Your Heart’s Content With Windscribe Torrenting

Adding an extra layer of protection with Windscribe torrenting can help you to be extra sure about privacy. Even in the countries where torrenting is downright illegal, you can torrent your desired file to your heart’s content. With Windscribe torrenting, you don’t have to be afraid of someone detecting your real IP address.  A settlement letter for copyright violation knocking on your doorstep. As a safe practice – always use a VPN when you are torrenting. Finding the torrent sites is difficult, here are some torrent sites that can be helpful.

You have searched the most popular and the most visited movie, software and gaming torrent website on the internet.But with Windscribe torrenting you can be sure that no malware can harm your computer. And no one can harm you because they can identify who you are and where you are located. We agree that the premium account of Windscribe costs higher than the average VPN service but you can’t put a price tag on your safety and privacy.


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